Office of Accreditation and Quality

Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialties (KIMS) is the national organization that certifies all medical specialties. One of the KIMS major responsibilities is to provide and monitor postgraduate training programs.

The office of accreditation and quality at KIMS was established to review and assess training program before it gets implemented according to international standards for postgraduate training.

The Accreditation Process AIMS to:

1. Ensure the postgraduate education quality
2. Provide standards to objectively assess training programs
3. Provide guidance to newly established programs
4. Assess suggested training programs prior to implementation

The ROLES of the office of Accreditation and Quality are to:

1. Recommend policies, standards, and criteria relating to the accreditation of training programs to the Residency Training Office
2. Assess requests of new training programs or modification of approved programs
3. Review and assess approved training programs through internal reviews, and external reviews whenever required
4. Develop, disseminate and review implementation of accreditation policies and procedures.

The office of accreditation and quality works closely with the Training and Examinations Office at KIMS as well as KIMS faculties to develop specific standards for specialties and subspecialties.

Application Procedure for New Program in Residency / Fellowship at KIMS

1. Complete the Application Form. All the fieldsshould be duly filled. Attach necessary documents either in PDF or MSWord format. Incomplete forms will not be processed
2. The completed form will be reviewed by the office of accreditation and quality - 1st review, to ensure the completeness of the proposal
3. The proposal will be submitted to the primary specialty (in case of subspecialty) faculty for professional review and recommendation.
4. The reviewed application for new specialty/subspecialty will undergo a 2nd review by the office of accreditation and quality to against the required standards.
5. The office of accreditation and quality will submit a technical report with recommendationson the proposal to the Secretary General of KIMS for an approval/ disapproval from the KIMS Board of Trustee for aproval
6. Approved programs will be forwarded to the office of Training and Examinations at KIMS to initiate the process of implementation
7. Disapproved programs will be communicated accordingly to the corresponding applicants.
8. Conditional Approval will be communicated to the corresponding applicants for revisions, modifications and re-submission as advised

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